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Mysterious Goings On

Join author J. Alexander Greenwood for discussions about writing mystery, thriller, suspense, horror and other genre fiction. Every episode, Mysterious Goings On features tips, news, interviews with writers, fans, dramatic readings and more.

Greenwood, an award-winning writer, also provides a "look behind the curtain" at the life of an independent author. Whether you're a writer, aspire to be one, or just enjoy reading, this show is for you.


Feb 25, 2016

Alex reveals the origin story for his (somewhat pretentious) pen name and explains why reader reviews--particularly on Amazon--are crucial to an author's success.

Alex quotes a bit from an excellent post by author Sandra Smith about doing reviews. You can find it here. 

Also, click here for a piece Alex wrote, complete...

Feb 18, 2016

Alex talks with acclaimed author Jason McIntyre about a variety of subjects, including his take on Stephen King, authors he reads, the effect of bad reviews, his writing process and more. 

Jason is the #1 Kindle Suspense author of THE NIGHT WALK MEN, bestsellers ON THE GATHERING STORM and SHED, the multi-layered...

Feb 13, 2016

Alex talks with acclaimed Canadian author Jason McIntyre about writing a series, creating a universe of characters and his 10-part Dovetail Cove series, published by Booktrope. The pair also discuss the weather as character in their work.

Jason is the #1 Kindle Suspense author of THE NIGHT WALK MEN, bestsellers ON THE...

Feb 8, 2016

Alex talks about the hazards of writing as if real life is like Disneyworld (it isn't).

He also discusses why he is not a "nice person (and you shouldn't be, either)."


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Intro music Mary Celeste by...

Bonus Material: An Interview with J. Alexander Greenwood on Amused Now

Feb 1, 2016

I'm interviewed by Amused Now:

“I have a lot of things going on in my life and those characters help keep me sane. I get emails and phone calls at home from local fans asking what’s next, and I wanted to write a love letter to the fans that keep me going. So, I decided to write a book of short stories with John...