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Mysterious Goings On

Join author J. Alexander Greenwood for discussions about writing mystery, thriller, suspense, horror and other genre fiction. Every episode, Mysterious Goings On features tips, news, interviews with writers, fans, dramatic readings and more.

Greenwood, an award-winning writer, also provides a "look behind the curtain" at the life of an independent author. Whether you're a writer, aspire to be one, or just enjoy reading, this show is for you.


Sep 24, 2020

Author Lynette M. Burrows is a survivor. She survived moving to seventeen different schools before she graduated from high school. She contends that this makes her uniquely qualified to write a dystopian novel or two.

Lynette enjoys coffee, the pleasure of real books, and the crack of a nine-millimeter, not necessarily...

Sep 10, 2020

Amanda Steel is a multi-genre author based in Manchester, UK who exemplifies the determination, talent, and creativity of the independent writer. In this discussion, she shares about her work, her struggles as an indie, and more.
Her books include First Charge; After the Zombies: Not Human and Love, Dates and Other...

Aug 6, 2020

Alex talks about Season 5 highlights, what you can do to help keep MGO going, and what's in store for Season 6.
We wind up the show with a special visit from Euro Satan, a misunderstood deity, political pundit, and aspiring comedy writer.
Today he offers his take on Trump, the upcoming election, masks, his plans...

Jul 30, 2020

Can artificial intelligence make your novel better--and even increase sales? Bestselling author Alessandra Torre thinks so.
She is the president of Authors A.I., creators of Marlowe, an artificial intelligence that helps authors improve their novels and long-form fiction. In this discussion, Torre shares the...

Jul 23, 2020

Grammy-balloted singer, songwriter, and producer Mickelson returns to the show to discuss his new album, Drowning in An Inflatable Pool. He also gives us his unvarnished take on Trump and treats us to a live performance of the first single from the new album, which drops on August 15, 2020.