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Mysterious Goings On

Join author J. Alexander Greenwood for discussions about writing mystery, thriller, suspense, horror and other genre fiction. Every episode, Mysterious Goings On features tips, news, interviews with writers, fans, dramatic readings and more.

Greenwood, an award-winning writer, also provides a "look behind the curtain" at the life of an independent author. Whether you're a writer, aspire to be one, or just enjoy reading, this show is for you.


Apr 5, 2019

Alex concludes his interview with acclaimed authors Eden Baylee and Jason McIntyre. The trio discusses marketing their work, the word that Eden uses whether you like it or not, the state of indie publishing and more.

Learn more about Eden Baylee and her books at her website.

Jason McIntyre's home base is located here.

Mar 29, 2019

Alex is joined by acclaimed authors Eden Baylee and Jason McIntyre. In this freewheeling conversation, the trio discusses writing, indie publishing and more. Listen for their takes on their own foibles as well as things they wish readers knew about the entire writing process.

Learn more about Eden Baylee and her books

Mar 15, 2019

Alex shares info about the spooky new cover for Book 4 in his mystery seriesPilate's Blood.

Jason McIntyre reimagined all the covers in the series, and we share the news here, as well as some exciting projects coming up later this year as we celebrate TEN YEARS of JOHN PILATE.

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Mar 31, 2017

Alex begs your pardon, shares a few words from the upcoming new book and begs shamelessly.

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Nov 23, 2016

Alex gives thanks with a Thanksgiving bonanza of a show!

He welcomes back acclaimed bestselling author Jason McIntyre to the show! The guys talk about (and provide tips for) the writing life, audiobooks, book cover creation by JasonThe Walking Dead and more!

Jason is the #1 Kindle Suspense author of THE NIGHT...